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Erupting Manhole, Bellies Flat lines and Back Grades in Baltimore, MD

Erupting Manhole

If you see this on a property, Hydro jetting is the best solution. A Dun Rite Drain Cleaning specialist will access the property and quickly determine an avenue of execution. A sewer eruption such as this generally means there are several properties being inundated with raw sewage and sewage gasses along with extensive property damage.

Bellies Flat lines and Back Grades

Positive slopes are what all lines set out to be, but nature has other plans. Long running flat lines are generally a result of faulty engineering. From time to time, the earth produces them as-well. No slopes (flat lines) will allow a permanent state of standing water until pressure is introduced from a connection (toilet, floor drain, clean out and etc.). Standing water rapidly reduces the life of a pipe. In cast iron pipe, extreme rust will accrue and the bottom of the pipe will disappear. At that time, it is strongly suggested that the pipe be replaced or sleeved.

A back grade occurs when the grade of your line is now going in the wrong direction. 

Bellies Flat lines and Back Grades in Baltimore, MD

Back grades are always found at the end of a belly and sometimes at the beginning of a line. Bellies occur when the earth settles or when a lot of weight frequents a certain area of pipe (vehicle on the ground).

Hydro jetting from downstream up sweeps bellies and back grades clean, leaving the line with zero debris left behind in back grades and bellies. This is the only way to clean properly a line with these defects.